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Get ready for Guys and Dolls - the legendary, multi-award-winning, musical comedy classic about rolling the dice and falling in love under the lights of Broadway.

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We will be holding auditions

SEP 1 & 2 from 17:30-18:30

in the Black Box Theater.

Here's how to get involved:


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Good luck!

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Every gambler in New York is waiting for Nathan Detroit to announce the location of his big craps game. There's only one problem: Detroit doesn't have the $1000 he needs to get the game going. When he sees gambler Sky Masterson he bets a $1000 that Masterson couldn't convince a girl of Detroit's choosing to go with him to Havana in the next 24 hours. Masterson accepts and Detroit chooses Sarah Brown, a Sergeant in the Salvation Army as the girl. Undaunted, Masterson sets out to seduce Sarah and get her to Havana. As far as Detroit is concerned, he's made a bet he can't lose. While Masterson woos Sarah, Detroit has to deal with his girlfriend of 14 years who has decided it's time they should get married.

Character Breakdown

Character Breakdown


Nathan Detroit

Nathan Detroit is the heart and soul of Guys and Dolls.

Nathan's big secret is that he wants to marry Adelaide; he just can't bring himself to admit it.

Miss Adelaide

Miss Adelaide is the classic "intellectually-challenged floozy."  Adelaide needs to be funny and able to do a convincingly thick New York City dialect. 

Sky Masterson

Sky Masterson is the quintessential, "smooth-as-velvet" Broadway gambler; he's slick and charming. In today's terms he would be called "a player."  He has a soft spot for Sarah Brown. 

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown is the "girl next door" with an adventurous side that's waiting to escape. She is gently authoritative, the mirror opposite of Sky. Sky is her weakness. Sarah is about substance as much as Sky is about style. 

Arvide Abernathy

Arvide Abernathy is Sarah Brown's grandfather and the bass drum player in the Mission Band. 

Nicely-Nicely Johnson

Nicely - Nicely Johnson is walking, talking, Broadway comedy.

Benny Southstreet and Rusty Charlie

Benny Southstreet and Rusty Charlie are the small-time gambler sidekicks of Nicely- Nicely Johnson.

Harry The Horse and Big Jule

Harry the Horse and Big Jule are colorful additions to the crapshooters crew. They should be strong and humorous characters. 

Lt. Brannigan

Lt. Brannigan is the police officer that always plays the patsy and is outwitted by the Gamblers. 

General Cartwright

General Cartwright is the formidable leader of the Save-a-Soul Mission organization. 


The Gamblers are the well-dressed "comic glue" of the show. A variety of gamblers, pedestrians, workers, NYC folks of all types will work perfectly for this group. 

Hot Box Girls

The Hot Box Girls work in the club and are in the act "A Bushel and a Peck" where Miss Adelaide is the headliner.

The Mission Band

The Mission Band is the tireless group that are more about persistence than precision. 

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