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I'll Know

You can audition with the vocal track or the instrumental track.

You do not need to memorize the words. 


I'll know when my love comes along
I won't take a chance
I'll know he'll be just what I need
Not some fly-by-night Broadway romance


And you'll know at a glance by the two-pair of pants.

I'll know by the calm steady voice
Those feet on the ground
I'll know as I run to his arms
That at last I've come home safe and sound
Until then, I shall wait
Until then, I'll be strong
For I'll know, when my love comes along.

SKY. (spoken) No, no, no! You are talking about love! You can't dope it like that.

What are you picking, a guy or a horse?
SARAH (spoken) I wouldn't expect a gambler to understand.
SKY (spoken) Would you like to hear how a gambler feels about the big heart throb?
SARAH (spoken) No!
SKY (spoken) Well, I'll tell you.

I'll know when my love comes along
I'll know in my heart
I'll know and I won't ever ask
Am I right, am I wise, am I smart
But I'll stop. And I'll stare
At that face. In the throng
Yes, I'll know when my love comes along
I'll know
When my love comes along.

I'll Know in E
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